Our goal is to get you to work stress-free and ready for your day, with the least amount of transfers, in the least amount of time. Use WeCommute to replace BART rides, bus trips, driving and carpooling.
What You Can Expect from WeCommute
  • Subscription type commuting service
  • Allows for reserve seating on round trip commutes so you are guaranteed a seat
  • You can “bank” one or both ways within a 12 hour notice, or you can let someone use your ticket
  • Set your pick up and drop off locations, and your tickets are issued to you through the app
  • Receive text messaging on the status of your commuting vehicle
  • Enjoy luxurious transportation on a clean, highly-maintained, extremely comfortable bus or shuttle
  • The FREE Wifi will allow you to get a start on your day by answering emails or just browse the internet. There is always the option to catch up on some reading, or just relax and take a nap.
  • There is a complete menu of your history, payments, recent trips and more. It offers a great way to track your trips for expense reports, budgets and taxes.

We Need To Hear From You

We want to make routes available and convenient to all commuters. We want our routes to go from designated meetings points to designated drop off points. Help us add routes.

How It Works


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